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Untitled (Deluxe) 2LP

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Celebrating over 15 years of Untitled with a limited edition deluxe 2LP packaged in a glow-in-the dark gatefold jacket.

  • Coke bottle clear vinyl exclusive to the Korn Webstore limited to 1,000 units
  • Features two bonus tracks: “Sing Sorrow” and “Overture or Obituary”
  • Album package includes three new never-before-seen artwork images from artist Richard Kirk

Originally released in 2007, Untitled was the band's eighth studio album, featuring songs such as "Evolution," "Hold On," and "Kiss."


Track List:

Side A: 

1) Intro 

2) Starting Over 

3) Bitch We Got a Problem 

4) Evolution 

Side B: 

5) Hold On 

6) Kiss 

7) Do What They Say 

8) Ever Be 

Side C: 

9) Love and Luxury 

10) Innocent Bystander 

11) Killing 

12) Hushabye 

Side D: 

13) I Will Protect You 

14) Sing Sorrow 

15) Overture or Obituary