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Requiem + Requiem Mass 2xCD Deluxe

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The songs of Requiem captured live as part of an intimate ceremony at the Hollywood United Methodist Church. 

The Requiem + Requiem Mass 2xCD Deluxe is a limited edition deluxe 2xCD package containing both Requiem and Requiem Mass. Includes an exclusive “Worst Is On Its Way” transcription booklet. 

Track List: 

Disc 1: 

  1. Forgotten
  2. Let the Dark Do the Rest
  3. Start The Healing
  4. Lost in the Grandeur
  5. Disconnect
  6. Hopeless and Beaten
  7. Penance to Sorrow
  8. My Confession
  9. Worst Is On Its Way

Disc 2: 

  1. Start The Healing (Requiem Mass)
  2. Lost In The Grandeur (Requiem Mass)
  3. Hopeless and Beaten (Requiem Mass)
  4. Worst Is On Its Way (Requiem Mass)
  5. Let The Dark Do The Rest (Requiem Mass)